Sunday, December 20, 2009

In Copenhagen no deal would have been better than what we got

The Copenhagen climate summit ended in a farce. The world was told that a 2 degrees Celsius increase is no big deal. Such an increase will wipe out entire communities, millions of people will be forced to leave their homes and join the ranks of climate refugees scrambling to make a living in developed countries. Furthermore, it will translate into a 3-3.5 degree increase in Africa.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu puts the stakes like this: "We are facing impending disaster on a monstrous scale.... A global goal of about 2 degrees C is to condemn Africa to incineration and no modern development."

So, i believe that no deal would have been better than this deal, which is not binding, and allows the most polluting countries to increase their emissions, just at a slower pace. China is a world super-power, but because millions of Chinese people are kept in a state of poverty by a lack of social and economic justice, it can claim the status of "developing country" and get the kind of concessions that underdeveloped countries got out of this criminal deal. The US is a developed country, but it would rather spend trillions of dollars funding war in Iraq and Afghanistan than help developing countries move from a carbon-intensive to a low-carbon economy.

At the end of the summit, John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace UK stated that "The city of Copenhagen is a crime scene tonight ... It is now evident that beating global warming will require a radically different model of politics than the one on display here in Copenhagen." According to him "there are too few politicians in this world capable of looking beyond the horizon of their own narrow self-interest". Nnimmo Bassey, of Friends of the Earth international called the conference "an abject failure". Tim Jones, climate policy officer from the World Development Movement said that leaders had "refused to lead and instead sought to bribe and bully developing nations to sign up to the equivalent of a death warrant."

The world leaders who met in Copenhagen have no moral authority and have shown a total lack of leadership in combating climate change. Only mass movements, direct action and civil disobedience can save the planet.
It's now down to all of us, as individuals and small communities, to change the way we live, and be the change that we want to see around us. The future of the next generations is in our hands.
Let's forget Copenhagen and start changing our lives.

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