Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's get moving???

The Home Affairs Bureau has covered Hong Kong with these vinyl banners, they are virtually everywhere you look, in the MTR, on fences and railings, on walls, beaches, bridges, walkways, and even in country parks.
And yet, despite their ubiquity, i still don't understand what these banners mean and what i am supposed to do.

The banners read: "Get moving. Clean Hong Kong" and show three youngsters that in some pictures appear to be dancing like maniacs, while in other pictures they are standing with a broom in their hands.

Are young people expected to sweep HK streets instead of going to a disco? Are they invited to take part in a new broom dance contest?
Are Hong Kong taxpayers expected to sweep the streets themselves, after paying the salary of those idiots that conceived this campaign? Or is this government bureaut trying to boost the morale of underpaid street sweepers? Are they sending the message that young people who cannot find jobs should consider becoming happy, cheerful street sweepers?

One thing is sure though: these huge banners are adding waste to our landfills and clutter to our streets. If the Home Affairs Bureau is serious about cleaning our city, it should start by setting an example and remove these hideous banners (after they have figured out a way to recycle them).

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