Thursday, November 5, 2009

The infantilization of public space

Picture #1: Hong Kong Park
Do we need to be taught the name of these flowers? It seems that the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has embarked on a mission to educate the public about flowers and trees. Fair enough, but why was the tag designed by a kindergarten teacher? Everywhere i look, i see a liberal use of nursery colours, signs and banners designed for pre-schoolers!

Picture #2: Hong Kong Park
This drinking fountain looks pretty straightforward, and yet the same department has covered it in instructions, and one of the signs was probably designed by the same kindergarten teacher who likes bees and flowers.

Not only Hong Kong Park has become cluttered and tacky, when i go to country parks to escape this visual assault, i am forced to walk on concrete paths surrounded by railings and yet more loud banners warning that i should protect myself from heat stroke.

Can government officials ever accept the idea that the majority of HK residents are over 18 and should be treated like responsible adults despite the fact that they are not allowed to elect the next chief executive?

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