Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exposed pipes on Lamma

This is a very popular trail, thousands of visitors come to Lamma every weekend and walk from Yeung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan.
The island is actively promoted by the Tourism Board and the local economy mainly relies on visitors' spending.

You would expect the government to value the natural beauty of this island. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Take these pipes. In urban areas they would be underground, but on Lamma digging a trench for these pipes was not considered worthwhile. So here they are, in their full glory: alignment was not even attempted, and concrete was liberally used to support them every 2.5 metres.

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Charles Frith said...

They are an eyesore but one of the unsung beauties of the island are the brownish rocks between Pak Kok and Yung Shue Wan. It's not easily accessible but at one point somebody chose to build a pier and poured concrete all over the most amazing and beautiful natural smooth fissured brown rock.

I despair sometimes. The construction was halted but the damage is done.