Monday, June 1, 2009

Gasping for air

At 11am, 1 June 2009, the air quality in Hong Kong is threatening all citizens, according to Greenpeace's Real Air Pollution Index.
All air quality monitoring stations recorded at least 2 kinds of air pollutants exceeding the World Health Organisation standards. Roadside station in Central even has 3 air pollutants.

After spending 4 hours in Central, gasping for air and suffering from extreme shortness of breath, i cancelled a couple of appointments and returned to Lamma, where i can finally breathe.

The situation is critical and yet the government is not even considering implementing traffic reduction measures on days of high pollution such as today. If Beijing does it, banning vehicles on alternate days according to their registration plates, why can't HK? It's obviously a patch and not a solution, but at least people would not be forced to cancel their engagements and run for cover!

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