Monday, August 18, 2008

John Tsang, after subsidising our wasteful habits, what next?

In other countries the increasing price of oil has led many to reduce their energy and fuel consumption. Which is great news for our planet, though some may argue it's too little, too late.

In Hong Kong, the land of paradox, instead we lost a great opportunity to reverse wasteful habits in matters of energy consumption. In the last budget, Finance Minister John Tsang promised to subsidise electricity bills, so that everybody, low-income families included, could keep their air-con/tv/computer/lights on all day and all night without breaking the bank.

I know that bad habits are hard to kick, and Hong Kong is addicted to low-cost energy. It seems that our government really has the best interest of its addicts at heart, so i would like to make a modest proposal.

John, can we also get some subsidised coke/heroin/ice/ectasy/ketamine next year?

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