Thursday, January 10, 2008

beaches and parks will become an office extension. Electromagnetic pollution in Hong Kong

Do you fancy the idea of writing email on the beach? Or receiving email notifications while hiking in a country park or walking your dog on the waterfront? If you do, you probably need to have your head checked. Well, PCCW have just unveiled a plan to turn this idiotic fancy into a scary reality. They intend to install Wi-Fi masts in parks, beaches, and all along the waterfront.

In many countries Wi-Fi has been banned, or dismantled if already installed, from public schools, libraries and hospitals after lab tests found that Wi-Fi radiation affects animals.
In Paris, many library clerks where Wi-Fi access points were installed last summer (in the Paris Ville Numerique - Paris, digital town) - reported different symptoms like headaches, sore eyes or muscles, dizziness or vertigo. Since December, Wi-Fi access has been turned off in French public libraries.
Citing the possibility of health risks associated with the usage of WiFi networks, a Canadian university refused to sign off on their campus-wide installation, noting a California Public Utilities Commission study which mentions the possible risk of tumors and other diseases due to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

So, if even places of study such as libraries, schools and universities prefer wired to wireless access in order to play safe, one wonders why on earth HK residents should be exposed to electro-magnetic fields even when they are out of the office, out of school, taking a stroll in a park.

Could it be that our health is sacrificed yet and again on the altar of profit? Whose profit? PCCW, that will get a generous handout from the government (taxpayers' money!) to ensure that no spot will be left uncovered in this territory-wide Wi-Fi galore. Who is PCCW chairman? Richard Li, the son of tycoon Li Ka-shing (ranks 9 in world's billionaires) whose stooges sit in the unelected government, thanks not only to his economic power, but also to his powerful connections in Beijing.
If you ever wondered why HK tycoons seem to be getting richer and richer, while ordinary HK citizens get poorer and poorer, this cosy deal provides further evidence of business and government collusion. If you get cancer because of electro-magnetic pollution, don't worry, the faculty of medicine, University of Hong Kong is now called Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine. You can bet that no researchers there will receive grants to study the link between EMF and cancer!

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