Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Get me out of this gas chamber!

Pollution is a crime against humanity...no, wait, it's worse: it affects all living species...but, you know, they can't complain.

Pollution is a silent killer... toxic substances are administered everyday, and though not strong enough to cause an immediate death, they certainly accelerate it. Of course, our cause of death will be dismissed as cancer, and not murder. Our killers will never be put on trial.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, doctors routinely ask you if you ever smoked, worked or lived with smokers. They certainly don't record pollution levels at your home, or work.
One could argue that if you lived in the Swiss Alps you would still be smoking a pack a day at age 90!
Tobacco companies have become the perfect scapegoat...While polluters get away with murder!
Why isn't anybody bringing a class action lawsuit against car manufacturers, polluting factories, or governments that refuse to control toxic emissions?

In HK we choke on severely polluted air every day and yet 'our' unelected government is doing absolutely nothing to tackle the problem. Its inaction is criminal.

This government banned smoking in offices, bars, restaurants, karaoke clubs, night clubs, parks and beaches, instead of letting patrons choose smoke-free establishments and areas. So, no allowances are made for smokers, and yet idle engines can freely spew toxic fumes, power companies can keep burning coal without any emission caps (filters? what filters?), developers can turn our streets into canyons where car fumes are trapped for us all to breathe, building managers are free to set air-cons on freezing temperatures (are they all China Power & Light shareholders?), and i could go on and on.

There is nowhere to run. No pollution-free areas. The fact that walking and breathing at street level feels just as bad as clubbing all night in a smoke-filled club (but is much less fun!) should make all the rabid anti-smoking campaigners organize sit-ins in our busy road junctions...where are they? Still celebrating the fact that their clothes no longer smell of tobacco??

I don't care much for Christmas, but i have a Christmas wish to make: I wish i could see Donald Tsang and most Exco members kept in a cage in Gloucester Road, right next to the Cross-Harbour tunnel, or maybe Hennessy Road, for at least 12 hours. Let them sit there at street level, where we mortals walk everyday. Maybe once they share our fate they will start to see the light...through what they insist calling "haze".

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