Monday, November 26, 2007

Nespresso, another wave of yuppie shite hits HK

A few days ago i walked past the Nespresso shop in the IFC mall, and it took me a while to realise that the brightly coloured pods, artfully piled in the shop window, were not complimentary chocolates given away with overpriced coffee machines but something far more sinister. Apparently Nestle' has devised a new way to maximise landfill waste, and energy consumption. These geniuses have come up with yet again another ridiculous product: a huge, expensive, unwieldy power-hungry machine that requires individual plastic pods to make coffee. For each espresso you drink, one plastic pod ends up in the bin, and your electricity meter turns faster.

We have a perfectly good drink you can make at any time with the assistance of some hot water and a caffettiera. So what do the marketeers do? Package the stuff in individual plastic containers and then call it a lifestyle choice.

Have Nestle secretly decided to completely bugger up the planet, one pathetic little "coffee" pisspot at a time?

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