Monday, October 22, 2007

RTHK "civic education"

RTHK, the Hong Kong publicly-funded brodcaster, has been "entertaining" us with civic education campaigns for as long as i can remember. Topics range from oral hygiene (brush your teeth, fight gum disease), to travel insurance (HK is probably the only country in the world where buying travel insurance is regarded as a civic duty!) to pest control (the infamous "rodent nuisance" campaign) to family love (love your family, help your wife with housework, tell your children you love them) to Japanese encephalitis (stirring up anti-Japanese sentiments is always a good way to promote national pride, even when all evidence points to the Mainland as the hotbed for this type of encephalitis). Now the latest campaign suggests that "we all need culture", and urges the public to support the West Kowloon Cultural District.
So, now, be a good citizen, forfeit your right to clean air and green spaces, wear a gas mask and start practising how to be cultured.

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