Tuesday, October 9, 2007

No minimum wage in HK

While the government is planning to spend HK$ 19 billions on the WKCD white elephant, poverty among workers in wealthy Hong Kong has almost doubled to more than 418,000 people over the past decade. The rich-poor divide is widening as the Hong Kong's economy improves. More than twice as many people in the city of 6.9 million earn 3,000 Hong Kong dollars (385 US dollars) or less than a decade ago.
A recent study by the Hong Kong Council for Social Services found that more than 20 percent of Hong Kong families - 1.33 million people - now live on monthly incomes of less than $900 for a two-person household and $1,500 for a four-person household.

Welfare and labour groups in Hong Kong have long campaigned for increased workers' rights and a minimum wage.
However, the government has repeatedly resisted the demands.

The infamous French queen Marie-Antoinette suggested that workers who couldn't afford to buy bread, should eat croissants instead, our unelected government (similarly out of touch with its subjects) seems to think that those who can't pay rent, buy food, or afford a bus ticket, should appreciate art and shut up.


smog said...

I had to read that a couple of times to realise that your $900 and $1500 must be in US dollars, not HK dollars - highly confusing. For a HK blog it seems reasonable to assume that "$" means "HK$" unless you specifically say otherwise.

foreign body said...

Sorry about the confusion. maybe i should add "US" to the dollar sign.